In my show called „Face On The Bus“, I aimed to intertwine live music, theatre sketches, comedy, and lectures. 
The music of my musical alter-ego „Lovely Lad“ takes centre stage, and is brought to life by a charming seven-piece band. Through a series of intertwined storylines, the show explores the concepts of success, empathy, and hidden insecurities we often mask to fit societal norms.

Embark on the journey into the quirky, funny & confusing world of „Face On The Bus“. 

Magdalena Spinka: vocals & keys
Yanna Notterman: vocals & keys

Duccio Falchi: guitar 

Mathilde van der Meij: alto-saxophone
Emile Hillen: bass guitar & synth
Vos van der Noordt: drums
Konstantin Schreiber: composer, writer, vocals
Berend Jak: actor
Finya Verhoef: actress
Naut: actor

Annar: actor
Kees Moora: writer
Linde Wouterse: writer
Hinde: choreographer
Jasper: lights and tech
Joeri Braams: sound
Gus Wolf: videographer